Our product range

Precision strip

Precision strip for a wide variety of applications: You can choose from a wide range of materials, hardnesses, dimensions and surfaces. In addition to stainless steel strip, we also supply nickel-based, titanium-based and other special alloys, according to your individual requirements.
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Wire, Bar, Profile

Whether you want your wire, bar or profile made of stainless steel or titanium, you will find the material you are looking for at Zapp. We offer a wide selection of forms, materials and dimensions for your individual project.
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Nickel Cobalt Titanium
Ni-Basis / Co-Basis / Titanlegierungen / Reintitan

50 years experience in the field of high performance alloys: Our selection of materials includes nickel and its alloys, cobalt and its alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, as well as special stainless steels. These also include patented materials from our partner Haynes, for example.
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Tooling alloys / tool steel
CPM / Tool steel

The selection of tool steel includes cold working steel, hot working steel, plastic molding steel and high speed steel /HSS. We can supply you with PM steel, for example, as well as proven special materials for a wide variety of applications. Details – Tool steel

Oil and gas industry

Our Zapp locations in the U.S., who are specialists for the oil and gas industry for wirelines (also called slickline) for use in corrosive well environments and armor wire, will be supported by our locations in Germany and Great Britain by selling round wire, plates and forgings.
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Medical Technology – Medical Alloys

In the Medical Alloys division, we are involved in all the major applications of medical technology. We have been fulfilling the high-quality requirements of this industry for decades. Examples are products like implant materials or instrument steel. Details - Medical Alloys

Precision profiles / Ferd. Wagner

Ferd. Wagner specializes in two product areas profile and flat wire and components. It mainly produces parts for the spectacle industry and clips for high quality writing utensils.
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