Stainless steel profile and titanium profile

Our “Near Net Shape” profiles ensure minimum machining work. Over 5,000 different proven profile geometries speed up the search for good ideas: from a small triangular profile with an edge length of 0.012 inch to a plate profile 2.480 inch x 0.250 inch, each according to the customer’s drawing.

Thanks to a wide range of forming technologies, such as drawing and rolling, we can also cold form very complex profile geometries.

In addition to stainless steel profiles, we also offer, among other things, a wide range of titanium profiles.

Material Selection Profiles of stainless steel & titanium


Delivery condition

Measurement is possible by mechanical or opto-electronic scanning. According to customer requirements, we deliver bars up to 354.331 inch in length, in coils or on spools.

Our toolmaking shop is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery and has a stock of 12,000 machine tools, which saves time and improves delivery reliability.