Special industriesSpecial industries

Precision down to the smallest detail

We fulfill the highest standards of design, functionality, precision and surface quality in the production of punched and embossed parts for a wide variety of technical and decorative applications. Thanks to our outstanding production competence in the field of jointing technology, we are also able to produce complex precision assemblies.

Incidentally, all the tools needed are produced in our own toolmaking department.

Punched & embossed parts

We make solid formed embossed parts as components for a variety of applications. In writing utensils, for example, in medical technology and in the jewelry sector. Our embossed parts are characterized by high-level spring properties and the combination of the highest design standards and sophisticated technology.

Excellent surface quality and low tolerances, even in extremely small parts, make these components a genuine precision product.

Spectacle parts

Spectacle parts

In addition to decorative parts and side bars, complete raw spectacles are also produced for the spectacles industry. Invisible soldering and welding points and a perfect surface set the standards in these fashion products.

Individual lettering by laser is also possible.

Bent wire parts

Bent wire parts

We have facilities for 2-D bending according to projection and 3-D bending according to bending gauge of stainless steel wires with a diameter ranging from 0.020 to 0.047 inch. In the case of softer materials, diameters of up to 0.079 inch are possible.

Our bent wire products meet the strictest requirements for material hardness, elasticity and formability.

Jointing technology

Jointing technology

Our department for jointing technology is equipped with modern, high-frequency soldering units, resistance welding units and laser welding machines. These make it possible for us to combine the components we manufacture into precision mechanical assemblies. Materials employed are non-ferrous metals, special alloys, titanium and precious metals.

The joints are not only very strong and slender, but also decorative, as the components joined are also used in the fashion and lifestyle sector.