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Sustainability in practice is a key driver for innovation and herewith promotes continuous improvement of the economic, environmental and social performance of a company which leads to the strengthening of a company’s ability to manage future challenges and to seize upcoming opportunities. This is the reason why sustainable and responsible business practice is a defining element of Zapp's corporate culture for more than 310 years.

As a diversified industrial group, Zapp, together with its customers and suppliers, provides innovative products and solutions worldwide that secure sustainable success for our customers and therefore contributes continuously to global sustainable development. To us, sustainability is about living up to our responsibilities to all our stakeholders: our employees, our customers and suppliers, and the communities and regions where we operate. This is a responsibility that we want to cope with each and every day and we are able to do so because sustainability is integral to our corporate culture and embedded in our operating business.

Zapp formally endorsed the ten principles of the United Nations. Because we are a company with a high energy consumption, environment and climate protection is a particularly important issue for us. This is why we implemented an environmental management system which is oriented to the standard guidelines of DIN EN ISO 14001. Taking responsibility in that field is not least documented by the putting into operation of one of the most advanced cold-rolling mills in Europe this year. The same applies to our investments in new equipment at our production facility in Ergste for profile, wire and bar production, in particular for the business segments automotive, medical and electronic.

Based on evaluations and audit results, we work with our suppliers and customers to identify areas for improvement and agree on corrective measures for their implementation.

We have divided the management of our Group-wide sustainability activities onto respective mandatory and/or functional units within our group of companies, which chart the course for anchoring social and environmental requirements in our daily operating processes.

Sustainability requires transparency. This is why we are reporting about our sustainability performance continuously on our Corporate website, such as e.g. by publishing our certificates. Sustainability relevant information is also to be found in other sections of the website, such as Products, Code of Conduct and News.